No one else on the planet seems to remember this but me, but I swear, when I was a kid, it used to be a regular Thanksgiving tradition, after the Lions and Cowboys games were over and all the good food had either been eaten or packed up and sent off with relatives, to lie around on the sofa and watch King Kong: Eighth Wonder of the World. As far as I can follow it back, this tradition started with WOR-TV, Channel 9 in the New York area, but I clearly remember watching it in Northern Ohio, so the craze must have spread. I don’t think I’ve seen the film in thirty years — probably on Thanksgiving — but I thought I’d end my Turkey Day this year by checking it out again, jotting down some notes as I watched.  It’s one of those movies like The Wizard of Oz that I saw so many times as a kid that it’s become a permanent part of my imagination.  Some of it I remembered, some of it I misremembered, and some of it seemed new to me.  Anyway, here are my notes on 1933’s King Kong: Eighth Wonder of the World. 

If you haven’t seen it — Good Gravy! What the hell did you do on Thanksgiving??? 

And SPOILERS follow.